About the Journal

Advances in Medical and Biological Sciences is the emerging journal of Faculty of Medicine and Biological Sciences, Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania, and focuses on current topics in medicine and biological sciences, with emphasis on possible implications of biological findings in medical practice.

ISSN 2972 – 0885 
ISSN-L 2972 – 0885



Advances in Medical and Biological Sciences is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal that publishes quality articles about medical and biological topics ranging from human anatomy and physiology, in its broader sense, various fields of medicine, human nutrition, to biological aspects addressed to different levels of investigation: molecular, biochemical, structural, functional and ecosystemic. The journal welcomes question-oriented and hypothesis-based submissions that cover a broad spectrum of topics related to medicine and biology (i.e., from ‘molecular’ to ‘ecosystem’ level) at regional and global scale. 


Subject areas include, but are not limited to: 

∙ Human Anatomy and Physiology 

∙ Bioremediation of Saline Soils 

∙ Ecophysiology 

∙ Community ecology and Ecosystem functions 

∙ Global climate changes 

∙ Molecular Biology 

∙ Photosynthesis and photobiology 

∙ Plant - microbe interactions 

∙ Pollution and Toxicology 

∙ Sustainable use of Saline resources 


Article categories 

∙ Editorial 

∙ Full length Research articles 

∙ Review article 

∙ Short Communications (Brief Summary of Research articles)

∙ Opinion articles / Correspondence (Letters to the Editor)